Trekking backpack – Understanding the different types and its benefits

Backpacks are in fashion these days and can be seen to be worn by people of all ages and some are regarded as the best backpack for college guys. College aside these have rather become a hot favorite among those travelers who would like to travel light too, without enduring any pain during their journey. There are available backpack in different designs, patterns, colors, materials, types and quality. Doing a thorough research can help the buyer to know the availability and to make a well informed purchase.

Styles and types

Backpacks can be found in different styles, features, types and kinds. They also can be found for meeting different purposes. Several companies have created and introduced packs having distinct features, thus making them a fabulous choice of specific activities or routes. Hence, there is available a wide range of choice to make from. These can be used by both men and women with great ease to carry their luggage effortlessly. One can easily choose a backpack that fits their needs, requirements, moods, preferences, budget and purpose.

Some common trekking backpack types available in the market

Fanny/Lumbar/Waist/Hip packs: They are simple designed versions for small day trips. The pack volume allows about 10 liters. Even novice trekkers can benefit from such packs. The packs are to be worn around the waist with pouch right in front and at the spine base, a small pack tied. Often they are called ultralight backpack.

Day Trek Packs: Such packs offer volume to about 15-35 liters, which depends upon the selected size. They are fabulous for a trek trip for a single day. There are small size packs with only shoulder straps and bigger ones come with shoulder chest-straps for preventing shoulders getting pulled by weight.

Mid- sized trek packs: Such packs have the capacity to carry about 35-70 liter. They are quite ideal for those interested in multi-day treks. Being lightweight, sophisticated and small sized, they do allow carrying of additional items like camera, books and some trekking gear.

Expedition Trek Pack: It is regarded to be the largest trekking pack present, allowing carrying of plenty of heavy trekking gears. They allow over 60 liters, depending upon pack size. Such packs also are provided with padded hip belts and should straps to support pack weight evenly on shoulder and back.

Water Proof Trek Pack: Apart from the features and volume of trekking pack, another pack differentiation is based upon special purpose, which these might serve. Waterproof pack is regarded to be a wonderful example. This pack type can be found in various types and sizes and are beneficial for carrying in those places, experiencing heavy rains. This type of pack is mostly preferred by the experienced trekkers and it is also regarded to be an all weather pack, which the trekker may carry along without any worry.


It is essential to know the type of back pack that is available in the market, the purpose they serve and the benefits to be derived, which will help you make the right choice.


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